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2016 Foal Information
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LOT # Stallion Mare Gender Color DOB
1 Awesome Roany High Driftin Sweet Stallion Brown 4/27
2 High Rolling Lucky Ms Rolling Jet Whiz Stallion Blue Roan 4/28
3 Awesome Roany Driftin Prairie Jet Stallion Bay Roan 5/4
4 High Driftin Hancock Rolling Charley Filly Buckskin 5/3
5 Lonsum Drift 045 High Rolling Jax Stallion Bay 6/8
6 High Rolling Lucky Lonsum Drifts Lady Filly Red Roan 5/12
7 High Driftin Hancock Miss Quinta Hancock Stallion Palomino 5/12
8 Lonsum Drift 045 Golden Roan Prairie Filly Buckskin 5/11
9 High Rolling Lucky Jaspers Fancy Lady Stallion Blue Roan 5/11
10 Awesome Roany Ms Copper Roan Drift Filly Sorrel 4/30
11 High Rolling Lucky Lonsum Charley 045 Stallion Red Roan 5/7
12 Lonsum Drift 045 High Driftin Peach Filly Blue Roan 6/2
13 Awesome Roany Lonsum Roan Prairie Stallion Red Roan 5/1
14 High Driftin Hancock Twisty Sage Brush Filly Buckskin 5/28
15 Awesome Roany Driftin Copper Miss Stallion Bay Roan 4/27
16 High Rolling Lucky Ms Rolling Roan Bar Filly Bay 5/11
17 Awesome Roany High Rolling Charley Stallion Buckskin 4/25
18 Lonsum Drift 045 TS Nestine Bar Filly Sorrel 5/28
19 High Rolling Lucky Lonsum Tigress Wood Stallion Blue Roan 5/19
20 Awesome Roany Zan Moon Hancock Stallion Brown 4/27
21 Awesome Roany Texas High Jax Filly Bay Roan 5/6
22 Lonsum Drift 045 High Rolling Deanky Stallion Bay Roan 5/3
23 Awesome Roany Laughing Dasher Filly Sorrel 5/6
24 Awesome Roany Rolling Roma Drift Stallion Bay Roan 5/12
25 High Rolling Lucky Rolling Rocket Bar Filly Bay 4/26
26 Lonsum Drift 045 High Rolling Copper Stallion Sorrel 5/6
27 High Rolling Lucky Driftin Machero Filly Bay 5/26
28 High Driftin Hancock Ms Illuminator Stallion Gray 5/23
29 Lonsum Drift 045 High Rolling Doubles Filly Bay Roan 5/8
30 Lonsum Drift 045 High Rolling Shelly Stallion Brown 5/19
31 High Blue Jackson RR Drifts Watch Bee Stallion Bay Roan 4/28
32 High Blue Jackson RR Watch Bee Merada Filly Bay Roan 3/22
33 High Blue Jackson RR Driftin Gray Frost Stallion Blue Roan 4/28
34 Lonsum Gray Drift Fancy Roan Apple Filly Bay Roan 3/31
35 Lonsum Gray Drift Zan Gold Copper King Stallion Bay 3/31
36 Zan Gold Jackson Rolling Jet Whiz Gelding Bay Roan 2009
37 Rolling Jax Copper Ms Rolling Roan Bar Gelding Blue Roan 2012