High Poco Jax

~Hetletved Stallion~

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High Poco Jax is a 1998 stallion that was raised on our ranch. He is a son of the legendary High Rolling Roany and possesses his sire's gentle disposition and ability to cover wide-open country with ease. We drag calves to the fire on him each spring where he proves to be level-headed and incredibly cowy.

We have used "Poco" to concentrate the sought after High Rolling Roany bloodline. The results are in...get them before the secret's out!

High Poco Jax continues the legacy by producing foals with the strong traits of High Rolling Roany. They have it all...from gentle dispositions and good minds, to good foot and bone.

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Red Man



Cibecue Roan





Miss Linwood


Roan Prairie 





Texas Tom F



Tom's Rosewood





High Rolling Roany 




Sea Bar 



High Reno Bar




Boyd Flick 2



Vanzi Reno Bar 



Vanzi Bar

High Poco Jax



Van Bar Chic


# 3669339

Frei's Bar Chic

1998 Red Roan






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